About Steve

Steve is a freelance cartoonist who’s work appears in a number of publications in Britain and around the world. As well as being the author of Football Earth he has also written a number of other cartoon strips. In 2007 Steve won the ROK Comic Humour Prize with his comic strip Madd Science and in 2011 The Tartan Bucket Prize, organised by Dundee University, with his cartoon character Belle’s Magic Mobile.

Other cartoons have appeared in comics such as The Dandy, The Beano, BeanoMAX, Horrible Histories and Horrible Science magazines, Spaceship Away and Scooby-Doo World of Mystery.

He is also the author of a number of Christian books and resources and has produced artwork for Scripture Union, The Salvation Army, Authentic Media, Kevin Mayhew, Autumn House Publishing, among others. More information of these can be found at deadseacomics.co.uk